Sample of Work: Lead form pages optimization


    Increase the click-through-rate (CTR) of Submit button or click-through-rate of the call to actions on the page


    On average, the click-through-rate on the Submit button was improved by 35% and the click-through-rate on the call to action was improved by 9%


    • Alankar developed and launched various usability tests to identify issues that were stopping visitors from using the landing pages.
    • Next Alankar developed & launched a rigorous A/B testing plan to see which of the optimization opportunities will generate the best results.
    • Finally Alankar Final improvements were made based upon the results of the Usability test and A/B test results.


    • The key lessons was the visitors view any interaction that requires them to give something as a transaction  They are only willing to give something IF they feel that they are getting something of value in return.
    • Good handshake is important!
    • You have to give them a value proposition of why giving their information is worth it.
    • Don’t hide what you have to offer, show them what they will get once they submit the form
    • Don’t be a dollar store! Ask the amount of information based upon the value of the collateral offered.