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Alankar 2014 - Full

Alankar Tayal is a thought leader who has been evangelizing user-centric approach for 18 plus years for all things in online space. During this time, Alankar has been helping businesses of all sizes maximize their website conversion rate through usability research and A/B testing.

Alankar has a masters in Computer Science, focusing on Web Usability and a MBA in Marketing.

Alankar has worked for companies such as Sage, The Home Depot, Publix, Sprint, BellSouth and iXL.

Over the years, Alankar have given lectures, webinars, in-depth workshops or panels at the following events and conferences:

  • Technology Association of Georgia Organization
  • American interactive marketing association
  • TiE Atlanta Organization
  • Digital Summit Atlanta Conference
  • Sage Summit Conference
  • The Live Event
  • Georgia Tech HCI Graduate program event
  • South WiRED conference
  • Dallas Digital Summit
  • Internet Summit Conference


What does Alankar do to help businesses?

Throughout his 18 plus years in the industry, Alankar has helped businesses of all sizes to:

  • Conduct usability research to identify issues that are roadblocks to achieving desired results and high conversion rate on their websites.
  • Conduct rigorous & methodical A/B testing to maximize conversion rate optimization
  • Train companies on how to develop a culture of usability and testing so that they can maximize their website conversion rate via continuous improvement.
  • Setup dashboards and web analytic.