Sample of Work: Homepage Optimization


    Decrease the abandonment rate and increase the engagement rate with the product sections


    On average, the abandonment rate was decreased by 18% and the product related links engagement rate was increased by 14%


    • Alankar developed and launched various usability tests to identify issues that were stopping visitors from engaging with the Product sections of the Homepage.
    • Next Alankar developed & launched a rigorous A/B testing plan to see which of the optimization opportunities will generate the best results.
    • Finally Alankar Final improvements were made based upon the results of the Usability test and A/B test results.


    • Focus on introducing your company and your value proposition.
    • Don’t devote too much real estate to big hero image
    • Introduce your product offering with benefit oriented, not marketing oriented, copy
    • There is no silver bullet. What worked in one Homepage test did not work in another test and the learning had to be modified to get the best results.
    • If there was a silver bullet, it was the fact that one must test to find out what really works for the visitors of the particular website.