Sample of Work: Paid Search Conversion Rate Optimization


Objective    : Reduce the Cost per Action (CPA) and increase the Conversion Rate (CR)

Results        : On average, the Cost per Action was reduced by 27% and the Conversion Rate was improve by 46%

Approach    :

  1. On the publisher side, keyword analysis and ad copy analysis were done to identify what to prune away.
  2. On landing page, we used clickstream analysis and task analysis to identify optimization opportunities.
  3. Next a rigorous A/B testing plan was developed to see which of the optimization opportunities will generate the best results.

Lessons       :

  1. In online media optimization  one has to have a holistic approach and optimize both the publisher end and the advertiser end of the funnel.
  2. Have a stage of the buying cycle strategy rather than one size fits all strategy
  3. Segmentation is critical
  4. There is no silver bullet and we had to conduct rigorous testing to learn what would really work for each specific project